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But Do We Have to Hang out With Lara Flynn Boyle?

I genuinely enjoyed the series Twin Peaks, sort of enjoyed the follow-up movie Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, was slightly entertained by Lost Highway, and fell asleep during Mulholland Drive. So, when I read that David Lynch is stumping with an ex magazine exec to raise $1B (billyun with a "b") to "bankroll a foundation meant to supply instructors in Transcendental Meditation to ease the planet's stress," my very first thought is, "Christ, not another Twin Peaks sequel."

A quote, for your amusement:

"On the surface there's the giggle," he said. "I would just encourage people to look more deeply into this, and the giggles go away, unless it's just a giggle of pure happiness at the beauty of this -- because this plan has been tested. ... Every time it's been tested it's reduced crime and violence. It's a real thing and it could be put in place this year and bring peace to Earth."

Stuff like this brings out my Inner Cordelia Chase: "Tchah. As if!"

Posted 12/11/03
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