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Been thinking about this all day. Seething.

They don't want peace.
They don't want prosperity.
They don't want anything but our deaths because we do not worship as they do.

They want hell. I say we give it to them.

My basic philosophy in life these days can be boiled down to this: there's a whole lotta people that need killing.

Time to get to work it seems.

Posted 03/31/04
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The time has come for Israel to do what's best for Israel. Not what the bleeding hearts of the EU think is best for...well, themselves. Israel has proven that they're more than capable of taking on the hostile forces that surround them, I say we stop interfering. How many more people have to die on their way to work or school?

Am I including Palestinians in that query? I most certainly fucking am not. They are a death cult and deserve the fate of same.

Members of the EU who are wringing their hands and bleating about tolerance and compromise are the same blokes who wiped out the Thuggee cult in India in the 1800s, are they not? The same nations who particpated, however reluctantly, in wiping out the death cult of the Third Reich?

What's different now? This Islamofascism doesn't merely threaten the Israelis. Do you think the Palestinians will just settle down and start farming after they've slaughtered their mortal enemies? They don't know how. Murder is all they know. And they learned it from Arafat.

Martyrdom be damned. Israel, next time you see fit to ring his compound with tanks, try pushing the red buttons.

Posted 07/16/02
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The Female Bomber

The Christian Science Monitor, somehow managing to remain a legitimate news source despite it's religious affiliation, has a wonderful article on Why a Palestinian Girl Wants to be a Martyr.

This has baffled me ever since the first woman detonated herself back in January...what hook are the mullahs using to get their females to participate in this madness? The 72 black-eyed virgins might appeal to some but since homosexuality is a mortal sin in Islam, it would require both moxie and stunning hypocrisy to go for the brass ring of a religion that would stone you to death should they know the truth. Today I learned the answer: Get Out Of Hell Free cards for 100 members of her family. This is it? The men get to dip their wicks for eternity and the women get to bring along friends and relatives? That hardly seems like a fair deal.

Nevertheless, the indoctrination continues. And these aren't ignorant religious fanatics. Consider this 14 year old honor student's rationalization for the bombings:

First, she says, the acts are considered revenge for Palestinians who have been killed by Israelis. Second, a suicide bombing is "a painful attack on Israel in order to end the occupation." And finally, "the security of Israel cannot be gained at the expense of the tears of the children of refugee camps."

While the first two are bullshit, the third is an admirable notion...and most likely parroted straight from the mouth of the great Chairman himself.

And what of those left behind? Does it comfort them to know that they supposedly have a free pass into Heaven when they die? Ask the fiance of the latest woman to explode for God:

Sitting on a plastic chair in a chilly, cement room, Abu Laban has a long, high-cheekboned face, and his eyes are red around the rims. Those grieving for suicide bombers often say they are proud of their loved one's sacrifice, but Abu Laban defies that convention. "I hope God forgives her for what she has done," he says quietly...

Huh. Not so much then, eh?

Posted 04/12/02
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