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Don't Cry For Me Argentina

The first sentence says it all:

The U.S. men's basketball team was beaten by Argentina and booed off the court by the crowd on Friday as it was denied an Olympic gold medal for the first time since 1992 when NBA players started competing.

Here's hoping this set of millionaire crybabies learned a little something, because I'm betting all their compatriots back home are thinking is, "Damned glad I wussed out and didn't go." Jackasses.

And on an only marginally related note: Would you just sit the fuck down, already? (bugmenot - bazbat/foobar)

Posted 08/27/04
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This is completely outrageous. The whingers at the International Gymnastics Federation have sent all-around gold medalist Paul Hamm a whingy letter "requesting" he relenquish his gold medal to the Korean contender, Yang.

The International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) has said Hamm placed first in the all-round event due to a judging error and bronze medallist Yang Tae-young should have been awarded gold -- but it has no mechanism to overturn the original decision.

The FIG has now gone a step further and written to Hamm suggesting he could return his medal at its request, according to a letter released by the U.S. Olympic committee Friday.

"If ... you would return your medal to the Korean if the FIG requested it, then such an action would be recognized as the ultimate demonstration of Fairplay by the whole world," said the letter signed by FIG president Bruno Grandi and dated August 26.

The USOC is rightfully furious and has refused to even deliver the letter to Hamm.

No mention, of course, of the egregious error committed by the Korean in the parallel bar routine that would have kept him from even qualifying for the bronze.

As far as the deductions go, you can see they missed a deduction in Yang's routine. They did not take a mandatory two-tenths deduction for doing four holds. There is no way that they took it. If they did, he would not have medaled. Everybody focused on this one small issue of the start value. But if you're going to hold up an issue to that level of scrutiny, then you need to do it with everything. And if you do it for everything, you don't even have to look at another event, you can find a flaw right there.

I swear, the United Nations needs to offer Bruno a key position. He is exactly the kind of groveling apologist that's made that organization the laughingstock hypocrite bastion it is today.

Posted 08/27/04
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Drip, Drip, Drip

Greco-Roman wrestling is...icky. But Rulon Gardner's obvious emotion as he placed his shoes in the center ring (a traditional indication of retirement) after winning the bronze medal was very moving. I just wanted to hug the big brute. Then, y'know, immediately shower afterwards.

Posted 08/27/04
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Marbury leads U.S. past Spain to reach semis

See? Shame works.

Posted 08/26/04
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If You're Going to Play the Game, Then Play the Game

On the subject of Paul Hamm's somehow still contested gold medal in the gymnastics all-around, this editorial by an American married to a Korean woman (that's noted in the article like it gives him street cred) opines:

If an athlete cheats then yes he or she should be stripped of their medal but he did nothing wrong. The fault lies completely with the judges. Which is why I believe two golds should be awarded. Now really the most noble and honorable thing would be for Mr. Hamm to give the gold medal to Yang Tae-young. After all Mr. Yang is the rightful winner.

I hear (from a protected source that I will neither directly quote, link to, or otherwise reveal, so don't ask) that not only does Mr. Yang not deserve the gold, but should the entire routine be reviewed, and the serious fault the judges missed earlier in the routine be considered, then Mr. Yang would not even be considered for the bronze.


Posted 08/26/04
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Fifteen is My Limit on Schnitzengruben

Sex at the Olympics is always a hot topic (no pun intended) . Here's the quote of the day from German hockey player Christian Blunck:

"There are no preliminaries... Everyone gets straight to the point. After all, these are athletes in perfect physical shape. And there's no time to spare."

Oh to be young, have .00004% body fat, and a nothing to do for fifteen hours a day. Well, except each other.

It'll be interesting to see if Cuba can hold on to their Barcelona "gold":

Four years ago the winning medal went to Cuba, thanks to a remark from Australian basketball player Michelle Trims: "The Cubans are using up condoms as if they're about to go out of fashion."

Which now explains this line from Blazing Saddles: 'Baby, I am not from Havana."

Good to know, thanks.

Posted 08/25/04
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I am heartily sick of the Russian gymnasts this year. Svetlana Khorkina just embarassed herself on pretty much every apparatus, then whinged to the press that the outcome was predetermined, that the oh-so-popular Americans were slated to receive medals before competition even started. Typical horseshit. We Americans are enjoying such international popularity these days, are we not?

A choice quote from Miss International Whinger '04:

‘‘The sport needs a lot of changes. It should be judged primarily on grace, elegance and beauty rather than simply on mechanical tumbling.’’

Har. Because one with little to no talent can disguise a bad routine with lots of flighty arm movements and faux dance moves. Happy retirement, sweetie. We'll try so very hard to miss you.

Oh, and eat a frickin' sandwich, would you?

And now Alexei Nemov, who's parallel bar performance was outstanding to my untrained eye, and who was clearly slighted in the judging, is harping about "predetermination" as well:

"I thought I deserved a bronze. I think everything was decided in advance," he said. "I had maybe just a small mistake at the end but that was an opportunity for them to put me down."

Ah, the mysterious "them". I hate it when "they" decide to put you down, don't you? Perhaps the *cough* noble Russians need to take this as a lesson on when to freaking retire. 28 is an old man by gymnastics standards, and 12 Olympic medals is a nice haul for any sport.

Grapes. You can literally buy the ones that are not sour. I'm telling you, they're out there.

Posted 08/25/04
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Bob Costas just passed along the tidbit that the only team at the Olympics the U.S. Men's Basketball Team is shooting better the Russian WOMEN'S Team.

These guys say:

So go ahead and root against Talent USA if you want. That doesn't make you un-American; it actually makes you a true patriot. Patriots want what's best for their country, and what's best for American basketball is for Talent USA to lose. A defeat for Talent USA is a victory for American basketball...

American basketball can just sod off and sulk in a corner for all I care, these guys are embarrassing no matter where they play.

Posted 08/21/04
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Just sat through a schmaltz-fest on the history of women in the Olympic games, complete with video of the Taliban, references to Uday Hussein, blah blah blah. The reporter did his best to draw a parallel between the ancient Olympics, and the lack of women participants, and the five countries who didn't send women to the games this year. Considering the ancient Greek culture was just one horny father-god-figure away from being a matriarchal culture, I'd venture a guess that there were no women in the ancient Olympics because they couldn't be bothered to bestir themselves from the selection of that night's orgy companions.

I love "quicktime harch".

Posted 08/21/04
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Creepiest Olympic Moment (so far) - Hearing that U.S. Beach Volleyball diva Misty May and her father have brought some of her dead mother's ashes to Athens for the games.

Wonder how they got that through customs.

Posted 08/21/04
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The heptathletes are awesome. Denise Lewis from Great Britain is breathtaking...she's cool and collected, and doesn't even look like she's breathing hard after the hurdles.

Before the heat begins:

Yeah, I'm 'bout to run.

After smoking everyone in the heat:

Yeah, I still got my gum.

Posted 08/21/04
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We Are Not Amused

Pages and pages of images on Olympic Fencing, yet nowhere do I see this particular image, which shows French Fencer Damien Touya pretending to shoot his just-defeated American opponent Keeth Smart with his saber.

Now I can understand getting your widdle feewings hurt over the nasty owie you got a bit earlier, but show some freaking respect for the sport, for the venue, for your very worthy opponent, you Brie-stain.

Posted 08/20/04
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"The only thing I can say is that the USA got something more than it deserved," Suciu told The Associated Press.

You know, Ioan, at Western grocery stores, you can buy grapes that are not so sour.

I'm just sayin'.

Posted 08/19/04
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Ah So!

So this is why they televise water polo.

Click below for the pic...NSFW, by the way.

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Posted 08/16/04
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Go Rico!

This is precisely why I despise the NBA, the spoiled babies who play in it, and the disgusting example they set for impressionable kids worldwide. Here's hoping Greece also takes them to the woodshed.

And to the lazy bastards who declined the invitation to play for their to the hand, you honor-less punks.

More bitch slapping going on here. Go get 'em, boys.

Posted 08/16/04
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Olympic Blogging - Saturday

Who is that asshat whistling at all the swimming events and how soon can I get him/her killed?

Posted 08/14/04
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Final Olympic Thoughts

I'm so tired I just called the "bobsled" the "bebslod." And I shall call it that from now on, too, so there.

Final Olympic thoughts:

• NBC still sucks. I really appreciated their constant interruption of the closing ceremonies with adverts for cars, cat food and crappy merchandise.

• I hope they got the guy who was calling the bebslod events back to the asylum okay. I'm sure they missed him during the Scare The Sane People Open House.

• The N'Sync boys didn't n'suck during the National Anthem. I was moderately proud of the little whippersnappers.

• I suppose there was no way we could have the Olympics in Utah and not invite the Osmonds, eh?

• I read at Swank Blog about the US women's Hockey team having the Canadian flag on the floor in their locker room before the final game. MVP Hayley Wickenheiser was quoted after winning the gold, "We heard they [US Women's Hockey Team] had our flag on the floor in their dressing room, and now we're just wondering if they want us to come in and sign it..." Far be it from me to exhibit anti-patriotism (misanthropy?) but, you go girl!

• And just to ensure my Google hits remain in the hundreds per day...check out this anti-Apolo Ohno Flash movie. An unintentionally hysterical interpretation of what no doubt actually occurred in the 1500m race.

Posted 02/24/02
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Olympic Thoughts

• Bob Costas' eye job looks a little more natural this Olympics, doesn't it? He looked like a startled deer in Sydney.

• I have the biggest crush on Apolo Ohno. Is it the soul patch? Is it the thick, surfer hair? I just don't know. But I inexplicably want to cuddle him. After hot sex, that is.

• I really didn't care who won the women's figure skating but I'm kinda glad it wasn't that Slutskaya chick. I can't even type her name without snickering like a twelve-year old boy.

• I think it is unanimous that NBC's coverage both sucked and blew. My Olympic viewing today was interrupted by yet another NBA game. Would it kill them to not air just one?

• I don't understand 4-man bobsledding. I get to steer, one to brake. What are the other two guys for in 4-man?

• Not happy with the look of the medals this year. I remember the plain circular medals of 20 years ago with fond nostalgia. They looked like big coins, ridged, stamped and clinky.

• The whining perpetrated by Wayne Gretzky and the South Korean and Russian contingents was petty and small. The spirit of the Olympics is lost, Hercules would be royally pissed. Perhaps it is time to discontinue them.

Posted 02/23/02
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