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So my sister visited over Thanksgiving, staying in a hotel on the Gulf, with an otherwise-nice 45 degree slope beach. We took the kids over to visit and husband and I hared off down the beach looking for shells, etc. (as we are wont to do). We spent about an hour going down and back, hiking at this 45 degree angle, listing to starboard on the way down and to port on the way back. Great fun, very relaxing afternoon.

A day or so later the knee pain started. Twingy at first, and nothing new, been having it for years, exacerbated now and then by the odd twisting or hyperextension. Nearly two weeks later I can barely sit still in this chair. The pain is a now line of fire running from mid-thigh down to the spiky ball of roiling acid behind my kneecap. Sleeping is nearly impossible. Driving, since I have a stick shift, is an exercise in torture the Catholic Church would have been greatly interested in learning. Walking is pretty much the least painful thing I can do these days.

So, my question the doctor and get told I need to lose weight, here's a cortisone shot, wow, doesn't that needle in your leg feel excruciating? Or ice/heat/ice/heat/tequila/ice/heat/vodka/heat/ice?

Posted 12/11/03
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Feel the Burn

Hubby and I started going back to the gym today. With one thing and another we had blown it off for the past two weeks and we were both beginning to feel really unhealthy and sluggish. Oh, who am I kidding...we haven't been right since they shut down the pool for winter. (sob!)

Going to the gym here in Florida is interesting in that the ratio of dirty old men to nubile young females is drastically increased. Now I understand the retiree business, but what's with the increased number of chicks? Is there something in the water that makes the X chromosome dominant? Or is it just the quantum mechanics of a place that gets lots of sunshine...some fundamental universal standard requires it to have plenty of T&A to exhibit on it's miles and miles of beaches? But back to the dirty old seems that past the age of 50 or so, they just don't give a shit if you catch them ogling your jubblies. And they're not particularly good natured about it, either. It's more like, "yeah, I'm looking, that's what they're there for, right?" Well, no, grandpa, in your case, that would just be 'no.'

I swear, tell me who he is and I will gladly bitchslap the inventor of Viagra.

Posted 11/27/01
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