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ALittle Birdie Told Me...

So the Army is calling up 5600 from the Individual Ready Reserve. It has been suggested that should the Air Force begin calling up reserves, and a certain letter of the alphabet remains in the White House, that we'll see a draft by Christmas.

We'll see.

Posted 06/30/04
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Unworthy of respect.
Unworthy of fear.
Unworthy of life.


Race war fear if US man killed in Saudi

The problem with this, besides it being just plain stupid and wrong, is the fundamentalist fuckheads who are running around beheading our citizens will not care one way or the other. They either A) believe we do it anyway, or B) just don't give a shit. Their prophet has told them we're to be converted or killed, and I don't know about you, but I don't see very many folks in abayas and ghutras holding pamphlets on my doorstep these days...

Posted 06/18/04
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Veteran's Day

To all of you who have served, who have sacrificed, who have died...and most especially to my Gulf War Veteran husband:

Posted 05/30/04
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And make it look like an accident...

Perhaps I'm just paranoid but when I read a story like this, I become keenly interested the identities of the deceased. And wonder who did what to merit such a spectacular elimination.

Yeah, I'm awake at 4am and yeah, I haven't posted in weeks, and yeah, I still owe someone for the coloring contest. Mucho busy at work, fighting off a horrific snot-festival over the holidays, and now some gods-be-damned the words of the immortal Lili von Schtup, "I'm tired."

More updates to come when I can safely exit the vicinity of the bathroom...

Posted 01/14/04
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Because We Need More Telephone Sanitizers

I'm torn. The idea of Hammurabi's Code has always appealed to me, one reason I am a death penalty supporter (even though we do it in a distinctly half-assed manner), but it doesn't seem to be much of a damned deterrent, even in the societies where it is in practice. Take this case in Pakistan:

- couple have what's described as a "minor dispute"
- man and his brothers pour acid on his fiancee's face, she loses her eyes and is now permanently disfigured
- man is convicted of the crime and sentenced to have acid poured on his own face, albeit by a doctor, in a sports stadium

And there it is, an eye for an eye, Hammurabi's Code in action. That should be an effective deterrent, no? I damned sure wouldn't pour acid on someone if I knew that would be my sentence as well. Except note the last line of the article:

Violence against women, including acid attacks, are common in Pakistan, particularly in rural and deeply conservative tribal regions.

Humans are arrogant creatures, driven by emotion and often blinded by it as well (particularly when lacking education or the mitigating influence of, oh, the rest of the freaking world). In the heat of the moment we're not exactly thinking about consequences or retribution or really anything at all. We're still very much animals with animal instincts. When hurt, our instinct is to lash out and make the source of the pain go away. That it's emotional pain and not our actual leg caught in a steel trap matters not. The instinct is the same.

So, as much as I'd like there to be a deterrent as effective as the Islamic fundamentalists think the Code is, I think we humans are still too immature. We need to pick up a few more percentage points on the old brain usage first.

So what do we do with miscreants who think it's appropriate to pour acid on their fiancee's face over an argument? Clearly brainwashing is the only answer. Get out the Ivory soap and a sturdy wire brush and scrub those troubles away. "Reorientation", "reprogramming", whatever you'd prefer to call it, simply take those pesky convicted criminals and implant the overwhelming desire to be a gardener or a toll booth attendant, thereby avoiding the taxpayer expense of feeding/housing them for years on end in an environment where they pick up more criminal tendencies/anti-social behaviors/roo-rooings from Bubba the Love Gorilla, and, of course, giving them a useful place in society.

It's really the only way. Sit still now, it'll only sting for a moment...

Posted 12/13/03
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Vive la Liberation!

Dave has a nice graphic on his site, a quote from Winston Churchill, an admonishment to "deserve victory." And that's all well and good, but when I read a story like this, all I can think is "deserve liberation."

We may be doing the right thing (albeit for the wrong reasons), but if these people don't bootstrap themselves out of the 13th century, nothing is ever going to change. It'll just be different faction, same war.

Which brings me to the main thing that troubles me about an outside liberation, as opposed to an internal revolution...who is going to be strong enough to rule once we're gone? Karzai in Afghanistan has (or at least had for a time) Special Forces bodyguards, whoever takes power in Baghdad will almost certainly require the same.

I spent a good six or so years in Saudi Arabia during my formative years, and while I don't pretend to know everything about the inner political workings, Arab cultures are still very feudal. Strife between tribes is part and parcel of thier culture and not something that will be lain aside just because we say "pretty please with money on top." Which, I'm thinking, makes them a bit more honest than we are...

Posted 04/13/03
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Cockroach Squishing Time

Chatting with the husband last night as we did our errands on my growing frustration with the teeth-grating whinge that we shouldn't even think of attacking Iraq because they haven't attacked us. Leaving aside completely the utter playground childishness of such a notion, I prepared myself for the composition of a rant...only to get home and find that the inimitable Dave has spared me the trouble and written a very nice look at the pros and cons of a preemptive attack on Iraq.

As I commented over there, my sentiments can be summarized with this: we know Saddam's intentions, we know he has the means, we know he pays the families of the suicide bombers, we know he helped train the 9/11 hijackers. Waiting for him to attack us so we can do battle with a clear conscience is sheerest folly. And irretrievably stupid.

Posted 08/31/02
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