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Well. Isn't that special.

I am so very sick of this.

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How DO They Do It

Well, would you just look at that...a site gets a Drudge link and goes down in flames. Is still down now, as a matter of fact, likely suspended by the host for endangering their entire network.

Two other sites also get linked by Drudge, yet mysteriously remain up and accessible. Hmmm.

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Wow, virtually the same five blogs in every category. I don't think I can stay awake long enough to fill out the...zzzzzzzz

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Dammit, Janet

Yes, the damned comments are eating your line breaks.

No, I don't farging know why.

No, the MT forums do not have any they ever?


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Everything I Need to Know I Learned From Star Wars

Despite my protestations, we bought it.

Why, you ask? Well, primarily because my seven year old son is sitting in there right now (school being out for the week due to the *^#^%@ hurricane) watching Empire Strikes Back and enjoying the hell out of himself. Changes (and later betrayal) aside, they're damned good movies, with some fine messages for impressionable little boys:

- don't let your emotions carry you away
- always pay your debts, lest ye be encased in carbonite
- kissing princesses brings good luck

Now you try...

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Color Us Done

Well, that was annoying. The wind gusts made Charley look like a piker, knocking down trees, signs, and (worst of all) power, all over the jernt. We have power back but not cable. I'm currently dialing up through AOHell, and sacrificing chickens to the cable modem gods. Anyway, here's a load of pics from the past two days.

**UPDATE** - It's the husband's windshield, and the insurance company (Progressive) is going to replace it, no charge, and no deductible. Amazing, eh?

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Watching the histrionics of the local news folks, as they stupidly stand in 100 mph wind, batting futilely at the jet-propelled bits of razor sharp sand as they embed in their corneas and eardrums...all we can do is root for them to fall down. Guy is standing at a 45 degree angle in wind and rain that is moving so fast it appears to be one single element, I'm yelling at the TV, "FALL DOWN!!!"

So here's a quickie drinking game:

- When the stupid newsperson standing in the middle of the hurricane rucks their inadequate windbreaker hood up against the side of their face in a vain attempt to keep horizontal rain from siphoning out their sinus cavities, take one drink.

- When the stupid newsperson standing in the middle of the hurricane gets hit upside the head by a flying piece of debris, sand, small mammal, etc., take two drinks.

- When the stupid newsperson standing in the middle of the hurricane FALLS DOWN, everybody drink!

Have fun.

The eyewall is nearly upon us, time to unplug the router. Later, gators.

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We've Got Plenty of Towels

Well, the bitch will be here in the morning, and all I gotta say is she better not wake us up. Tippytoe, got it?

We'll likely be out and about tomorrow, weather/power permitting, and will be sure to bring the good camera to capture the inevitable tree snappage, etc. Everyone in the path keep your head down. And remember, alcohol cushions the system against shock. And Vogon transports.

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Glock-y Goodness

For Tanya, a side-by-side comparison of the 23 and 27:

The 27 weighs a tad over 2 lbs with a full magazine, the 23 weighs 2 1/2 lbs. The difference when shooting them is mainly one of grip. The 27 is much shorter top to bottom, as you can see, so your pinky finger winds up curled under the bottom of the magazine, something it took a clip or two to get used to. But even shooting .40 caliber ammo it never feels like it's going to fly out of your hand.

One of the boys at the range last night stopped me after my first clip, told me I might want to reconsider my two handed grip, as he thought the slide might come back and chew up my poor widdle thumb. *sigh* This is the 21st century, right? Why do they think we've never picked up, handled, or shot a farging gun for the past 20 years? Putz.

Anyway, Tanya, I HIGHLY recommend the 27 if you're looking for a good concealable. It fits in my purse (and I carry a small purse, when I carry one), it holsters in the small of my back with no trouble, and I could probably ankle-wear it with no trouble.

Oh, and see Glockmeister for your Glock accessory needs. *unpaid and unsolicited advertisement* They've got the Glock work mats, which are unutterably cool.

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Bang O'Rama

So, some of you may remember my tribulations with the Kel-Tec P-11, and issues with it stovepiping shells (which the gun store snidely stated was a side effect of my weak wrists *snort*). Well, last weekend we attended a Buy, Sell, Trade gun show with the Kel-Tec in tow, and made a very nice deal with a local gun dealer to trade it (plus a small amount of cash) for the Glock 27....and after throwing a couple hundred rounds through it over the past two weekends, I am totally happy. And haven't stovepiped a single shell. Go figure.

Tonight we visited a nice indoor range in Tampa and had a very good night:

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IFeel the Need...

...the need for vehicular homicide.

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Suck It Up, Part Deux

It's simply astonishing how (allegedly) otherwise normal people are content to become blind cattle at the behest of their anointed prophet.

It just drives home AGAIN how few not-stupids there are in this world.

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In Other News

If you've emailed me lately and I haven't answered, exhaustion and constant pain are to blame. I'm tired. I can't seem to stop bleeding (again), and the constant pain is just wearing me down. By the time the husband gets home, I just want to crawl under the covers and hide. So, unless you're a client, email is getting ignored pretty thoroughly. Doesn't mean I don't love you, it just means I really have no energy to spare. </PSA>

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Ivan the Bastard

Amazing pictures here of Hurricane Ivan's pillage of Grand Cayman.

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May the Farce Be With You

As I just posted in the comments over on Michele's site:

Hey, it's a pity they never put those great old sci-fi movies on know that trilogy with the farm kid who becomes a great warrior, the scoundrel-with-a-heart-of-gold smuggler, princess in danger, cool robots, evilest bad guy ever, etc. etc. That sure would have been cool on DVD. Yep.

It's not the new-Anakin replacing the old-Anakin that I can't forgive. Or any of the other tweaks and fiddles, for that matter. It's altering the very fabric of reality and making it so Greedo shoots first, thereby completely emasculating the scoundrel-turned-hero that is Han Solo.

Unforgivable, George. Really.

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Fiery crash in Texas kills 10

The SUV, burned beyond recognition, was carrying three children and their mother and grandmother, said Sherman fire Capt. Doug Blackburn said. The children were 8, 3 and six weeks.

The SUV was crushed and its license plate and vehicle identification number were destroyed in the fire. Authorities were unable to identify its occupants until a man, who lives in McKinney, came to the scene saying his family hadn't returned home that evening...

How do you survive something like that, as the only member of the family left behind. How do you not go home and put a bullet in your head out of sheer despair...

If I prayed, I would pray for that man.

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Red Haze

American Hostage Beheaded

I want every single one of our people over there chipped right now, equipped with subcutaneous GPS.

If subcutaneous GPS units do not exist, I want them invented.

Then, whenever someone is kidnapped, I want Delta force and SEAL team raids, with the very highest enemy body count managable.

And, finally, I want massive airstrikes called in on the site, razed to the ground, burned to ashes.

Scorched earth, people. Scorched earth.

In other news...Burkett is a big fat liar.

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Sir Drools-A-Lot

Pursuant to the post below, current pictures of Señor Slobbertongue.


In that first one he looks like he'd rip your nuts off, doesn't he.


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If I Were Queen...

...every home in America would be equipped with a Labrador Retriever. CNN has a video story today about an 8 year old girl that was abducted from her bedroom. The guy climbed a latter, slit the screen, duct taped her mouth and was leading her across the backyard...when the neighbor's 2 year old black Lab went apeshit, scaring the man away.

Our own chocolate boy is 8 months old now, weighs about 70 lbs, is good with the kids, friendly with people he meets out walking, and, aside from chewing EVERYTHING, is generally a very Good Boy. But should he hear anything at all out of the ordinary...a knock on the door, a car alarm going off, an empty trailer going over the speedbump outside...he immediately cuts loose with the biggest snarling bark that instantly makes the adrenaline start flowing, and the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

Yep, a Lab in every house. At least those with children.

The CNN story has no permalink, is a video clip, linked on the mid-right side of the main page.

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And It Gets Personal

I have never blegged on this site, never really had a need. The husband and I have fought and scratched to get where we are, buy our house, get our credit repaired after making the mistakes of the young. I would never ask anyone to donate money for this dubious entertainment, hell, I have a business and charge you people a fair price for our lovely work, this blog is mostly Vent Central.

But this is different, this time there's a need. My husband's mother lives in Andalusia, Alabama, directly in the path of Hurricane Ivan, and has taken significant damage to her property and roof. Without going too much into the details (which might embarrass her), she's on a single income, her husband died a few years ago. We're going to send what we can, but it would be a very great help if any of you have a little extra to spare and could hit the donate button below and help her out. It's a lot better cause than a bandwidth fund, even if it does feel very strange to me to make this post.

Thanks to everyone in advance, on behalf of my MIL Tillie and the rest of my family.

**UPDATE** - The generosity of people you don't even know can be overwhelming. You all rock, I can't thank you enough. I'm sending every one of you a personal thank you as I receive your notes, but some are getting bounced back to me, so please, if you see this, accept our heartfelt thanks for the help you're enabling us to send MIL Tillie. We will be contacting FEMA as well, thanks much to those who made that suggestion.

**UPDATE #2** - We spoke with MIL Tillie today and learned that the neighbor's homeowner's insurance (whose trees fell on her house) will NOT cover their removal or any roof repairs because in the Great Backwards State of Alabama, the insurance companies have managed to weasel out of liability by lumping such under the dubious "Acts of God" umbrella. So, your donations are quadruply appreciated. Thank you all.

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Book O' The Day

The Big Book of Boy Stuff

Ordered this today after hearing about it on the venerable Bob and Tom show this morning. I haven't even read it (or even received it) yet but already highly recommend it for anyone who's a parent of (or married to) a boy.

There's this boy. Let's say he's somewhere between nine and thirteen years old or so. You'd like to see this kid get creative. You'd like to see him get some exercise. You'd like to see him get out from in front of the television. And you'd love for him to be motivated enough to find some stuff to do on his own. This boy NEEDS The Big Book of Boy Stuff!

The Big Book of Boy Stuff has all the important information that boys just have to know. Collected here for the first time in one place, it holds the answers to these timeless questions: What do I do if I get a bean stuck up my nose? How can I make lightning without killing myself? Where can I find new practical jokes to play on my friends and family? How can I make a rocket? What is the best way to poop outside? How do I tell a girl I like her? Why would I tell a girl I like her? How many mosquitoes does it take to suck all the blood out of a person? What's that smell?

As the MommyTM, I get to read it FIRST.

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Seriously, Get an Implant Instead


I would like to take this opportunity to quote yet another brilliant bunny:

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Things That Are Pissing Me Off Before 9AM

1. The jackass who came roaring through the parking lot, just as my kids were about to step off the curb. No, I didn't restrain them so you could pass first, numbnuts, I restrained them to save their lives. Slow. The. Fuck. Down. Oh, and pedestrians have the right of way, stupid.

2. The huge unshaven cow of a woman driving into my daughter's pre-school. Just what do you think is going to happen to that adorable little boy (adopted is he?) who's standing up in the back seat when you slam on the brakes to avoid hitting one of the many brilliant, ex-Indy drivers down here? He's going to torpedo through the windshield, that's fucking what. Skip a few burgers and Get. A. Freaking. Car. Seat. Oh, and thanks for holding the fucking door open for us, you circus freak.

3. The swishy little bastard at Starbucks who gets so very upset when my husband doesn't order his Frappuccino correctly, and gives him patently false names like Beauregard and Chesterton. It's none of your fucking business why I don't want frigging whipped cream on my iced mocha, you little pansy. And it's not a fucking mortal insult to your *snort* honor when I tell you to tell the barista to make sure to leave it off. And you heard me say "croissant", you little pissant. Making me repeat it does not confer any power on you, it merely irritates me enough to not leave a tip. Oh darn, I guess you won't be getting that Maybach after all, will you. Idiot.

All the above considered, I am happy to have placed this on my car this morning. That about sums it up.


4. Punk kids, barely old enough to drive, tooling around in massive cars of the Land Yacht variety (Caprice Classics, Lincoln Town Cars, etc.), with the windows tinted and the bass thumping. You're. Pissing. Me. Off. You're driving my mother's car, number one, and I really don't give a crap what flavor of hiphop bs you listen to, white boy. I don't want to hear it at decibel level 942 and it doesn't give you street cred, mmkay? Xst.

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Out of the Boat

Just watched the CBS Nightly News (can I get a brain-brillo pad, please?) and Rather's pathetic attempt at casting himself as a martyr. So, let me get this straight... The old lady says, 'I never typed them, but that's what Killian would have said,' (paraphrased, obviously) and THAT passes for fact-checking, or, gods forbid, proof?

Danny Boy, I hereby vote you off the island.

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How to Get Un-Cornholed By Your Firewall

If you're running ZoneAlarm Pro, and you're periodically thwarted in accessing the internet, your email, etc., you might need to do this:

- Open the ZA interface, boxy-thing. (I'm no techwriter, so stuffit, k?)
- Click Alerts & Logs
- Note the logging of ZA's thwarty-ness
- Click the most recent log entry, then look at the Entry Detail down below
- Note the Source and Destination DNS (Source is YOU, Destination is where your modem/router is trying to go when the thwarty-ness occurs)
- Click the Add to Zone link to the right of the Entry Detail box
- Select Trusted, and enter a description, if you like, in the popup box
- Click OK

I spent two months in teeth-grinding frustration before setting everything aside (ie. NOT working and making time) and digging for this frigging solution. Posting this to help other teeth-grinders.

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Note to Self

When upgrading from MT 2.6x, remove the vintage Blacklist installation first. Once the upgrade is done, install Blacklist v2.0e.

Xst on a xtch.

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Mmm, Yeah

You know, dying young (by your own hand or otherwise) does not automatically confer brilliance, insight, wit, or anything else you didn't have before you died.

I'm just saying.

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The Grand Tradition

49 to 7 with 3:16 left in the second quarter... The University of Oklahoma is the very embodiment of the spirit of fair play, aren't they.

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I hadn't thought about it at all today until I wrote the date on my check at the grocery store. Sad. Then shoved it back down into The Box so I could continue to enjoy my children and husband, and the fine, pre-hurricane afternoon.

I tell you, that Box is getting a bit crowded these days, though.

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If you can't clearly state your needs via email then you haven't a chance in hell of accomplishing it over the phone. So let's be honest...the real reason you asked for my phone number is so you could haggle over the price, yes?

Yes. *snarl*

Thanks for wasting my time.

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Suck It Up

Let's try some simple math, shall we?

  • Drudge links to your site.
  • Said link sends a flood of visitors to your site.
  • The typical number of Apache connections allowed by the server is no longer adequate, causing many people to be unable to access the site.
  • Even when your extraordinarily understanding hosting company increases the number of available connections to the max safe level, it's still not enough for all the incoming requests.
  • The. Server. Is. Not. Down.
  • The. Server. Has. Not. Crashed.
  • YOU just can't get there.
  • Joe PoHead in Sheboygan may not be able to get there, etc. ad nauseum.
  • Until you get in on an open connection (ie. when traffic drops or you just get lucky on the refresh), you won't be able to get there.

The solution? Grin and bear it. Traffic floods might last an hour, maybe two, three at the outside. The internet has a short attention span, the new Flavor of the Moment will be along shortly.


You pay for a cluster with failover, and unless you're Yahoo or Amazon, you have neither the fundage nor the NEED for such an arrangement.

I officially request all bloggers get a frigging grip. Sure, the advent of Blogads has made some of your previously-for-fun sites profitable, and good for you! Sure, some of you are busy promoting this or that, which might actually put money in the bank. But blogging as a publishing tool changes many things. Look at the number of trackbacks on this Powerline post...334!! Three hundred thirty four other weblogs linked to this post, had something to say about it, and sent their own traffic there. And that's on top of a Drudge-a-lanche, which (sorry Glenn) makes an Instalanche look like a normal traffic day. That's going to put a crimp in the performance of any server, my frens. Even if they're dual Xeon 2.4 ghz processors with 2G of RAM (which they are) and the host has a 100MBps pipe (which they do).

All I'm saying is blogging is different. More and more people are turning to weblogs for news/opinion because their bullshit detectors are being redlined on a daily basis by the national and international media. That dynamic is going to make for some access issues when the entire blogosphere's attention is turned in one single direction. And, right now, there is just no economical solution, no magic bullet that can make your site invulnerable.

**UPDATE - Peter makes a good point in the comments:

If I can't read a site right now, okay. If it's important I make a little note on the pad I keep on this desk and try again later.

So, the visitors who can't get to your site are either going to be like Peter, or they're going to be flibbertigibbets who will just move on to the next thing. Peter and his ilk are more likely to come back in the future, the flibbertigibbets were simply dropping by out of curiosity.

And until we get $1 for every visitor to our sites...hit counts still mean absolutely nothing.

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MNF #1 - Patriots vs. Colts

Despite the fact that they're currently winning the game, I decree the Patriots to be hapless this season. Yes, that's what I said, hapless. Clumsy, graceless, lucky-as-hell-if-they-DO-hang-on-to-win. HAPLESS.

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Who says you need a hurricane for a flash flood...

After about an hour of rain, storm drains across the county threw up their (figurative) hands and said, 'screw this'. We actually saw a manhole cover pushed up and askew by the force of water back-surging out of it. Steenky.

After two hurricanes and daily storms of this magnitude, bring that Ivan bitch the fuck on. He'll skip across us like a wet fart and go piss in the Atlantic.*

*fingers double crossed

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Belive It or Not, Everything Ain't All About Politics

Fark is a decent enough community link farm, often dredging up nicely odd stories, sometimes providing blogfodder on a slow, dull day. But, as with any user-submitted link site, you're going to get assholery like this headline, referencing a story on the $2B relief aid package Dubya is bringing to Florida after Hurricanes Uno and Dos:

Bush makes $2 billion welfare payment to swing state

To the author of that headline, I say, kiss my Florida ass. Until you weather a hurricane, complete with power and cable outages, falling trees, and blown out windows, you can fold your cynicism until it's all corners then perform a self-enema with it.

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Comment from Bill, on the post down below and our relative alivedness:

Hurrah, you're alive!
'Cause, you know, I'd be unhappy if you weren't.

Ahem. Thou shalt not speak too soon...

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We Live

Though we're broadband-less, cursed to dial-up hell. So it's only a stunted sort of half-life, really.

Pictures later.

**UPDATE - Ok, cable's back so pictures now, and these are from my cell phone camera so no bitching about size or resolution:

Read More

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Playing poker for nearly five hours straight is certainly preferrable to glaring at the radar all night, especially when the hurricane in question is moving like an arthritic old lady with a busted walker. We're still here, still powered. For now.

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Uh, No

I've been asked if I'll be live-blogging the hurricane. The answer is in the title of this post...and in the picture below:

We're directly under the S that's below the letters FL. So, if my computer is turned at all this weekend, it'll be to listen to my beloved Crimson Tide take down the season's first sacrificial lamb.

See everyone on the other side.

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Make up yer frigging mind, would you?

We're a bit south of the letters "FL", by the way.

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Vengeance, Justice...Whatever
5:40 p.m.

At least 8 terrorists have been killed, Channel One reports. According to RBC, local residents identified a disguised terrorist in the crowd and beat him to death.


Ongoing reporting here.

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Fish In a Barrell


"And I want a Porsche, and a house in Marbella. Oh yeah, and no more blowjobs. EVER."

Add your own caption in the comments.

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We Were Just Kidding, Yeesh

We weathered Hurricane Charley on my mother's back porch, reveling in the massive wind gusts, laughing and yelling in a mixture of fear and excitement when a particularly large blast would set the massive oaks swaying. Man vs. the weather is ingrained in us at a cellular level, I think. Our defiance is inevitable.

However, this time, I believe we will stay indoors, quietly playing Super Monkey Ball as long as the power holds out.


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More Like a Nightmare

So, dreamed last night that the freak-du-jour Paris Hilton was hosting Saturday Night Live, when in the middle of the skit, the players broke character and started yelling insults and imprecations at her, telling her how much they despised her, what a waste of oxygen and real estate she was. She broke down in tears, spontaneously gained seventy pounds, and went shopping for Twinkies.

I clearly need to lay off the crack before bedtime.

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Gee Mail

Six Five Three more Gmail invites to give away if anyone wants 'em. No hoop jumping required. And would those who do require such just GTF over themselves, please? Yeesh.

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MT 3.1 - Archive Weirdness

Switched my individual entry archives to "build dynamically", ie. when it is called for instead of static and sitting on the server...and notice this morning that the individual archives for my last two entries were giving 404 errors. So, switched that back to static for now until I have time to delve into the docs.

In case you were wondering, and I know you were, dynamic templates are only really important for very high traffic sites, ie. Instapundit or Command Post. The average MT user doesn't need to worry about them...unless they're really cheap thrifty and want to save on hosting fees/disk space.

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