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Fiery crash in Texas kills 10

The SUV, burned beyond recognition, was carrying three children and their mother and grandmother, said Sherman fire Capt. Doug Blackburn said. The children were 8, 3 and six weeks.

The SUV was crushed and its license plate and vehicle identification number were destroyed in the fire. Authorities were unable to identify its occupants until a man, who lives in McKinney, came to the scene saying his family hadn't returned home that evening...

How do you survive something like that, as the only member of the family left behind. How do you not go home and put a bullet in your head out of sheer despair...

If I prayed, I would pray for that man.

Posted 09/21/04 in Bafflement
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Kevin said:

I don't know that I wouldn't be able to keep from doing so. Mom, Wife, and 3 kids. May God help him.

September 22, 2004 09:43 AM

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Joni said:

Yes, it is heartbreaking. Something very similar happened here in Houston several years ago. A family was returning home in their Ford Expedition (not a small vehicle, mind you), when it rounded a curve on an interstate overpass, overtaking a large truck hauling office supplies. The truck swerved, then overcorrected, leaned into the Expedition, trapping the family inside. The Expedition burst into flames. The mother, in the passenger seat, managed to escape and ran screaming for help. Passersby stopped with small fire extinguishers but they were no match for the inferno. The father, and the three children in the back seat all perished in the blaze, before their horrified wife and mother. I was behind them in traffic and I still get very sad everytime I travel over that overpass. It's just too awful to contemplate.

September 25, 2004 02:17 AM

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