Pet Peeve #15,387
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Pet Peeve #15,387

So I'm reading this ZDNet article about a server room meltdown, when I come across this line:

Read on to find out what went wrong next.

Hey, you know what? I can see all those nice, pretty words that come after the preceding paragraph, and by the very fact those words exist, I can pretty much fucking tell there's more to the story. Ergo, it's a useless sentence. It's not "cozy" or "pally" or whatever you think it is, it's just irritating. And this is not Tiger Beat, I don't need a Shawn-Cassidy-shaped cattle prod to encourage me to read more than two paragraphs at a time.

Its vapidity further sucks a good ten minutes more out of my day because it has vexed me so greatly that I have to stop reading and write this damned blog post about it. So how about, in the future, we lay off the platitudes and save the paragraph padding for those Denton-powered arsebites, ok?

Posted 08/07/04 in Short Cuts
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hat others said:

og said:

Hey, they have to TELL some people to read on because they can't figgure it out for themselves. LOL!

You rock. Thanks for sharing!

August 7, 2004 09:56 PM

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Stephanie said:

I was reading that and thought the same thing! I was surprised there was no sentence at the end letting us know it was the end.

August 9, 2004 01:00 AM

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