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Range Day

Despite jamming the thumb on my right hand earlier this week (fucking MEOW, man!), we schlepped off to the range this morning, hoping to work through my Kel-Tec's jamming issue. Took it back to the gun shop on Monday (despite knowing they'd do nothing about it) and was treated to a lovely round of "she's a girl so it must be her weak wrists" bullshit. That sort of good old boy crap went out a long time ago, I thought...these fuckers must've missed the memo. I haven't been frigging 'weak-wristed' since I was twelve.

So today, the Kel-Tec stovepiped two more spent shells and jammed on loading a live round three times. Not confidence inspiring. But reading the statements of other P-11 owners, it's still possible it'll work itself out. Preferably before I lose a hand.

Oh, and two of those live round loading problems...happened when my husband was firing the gun. You gun shop guys want to call *him* weak-wristed? It is to laugh.

Thanks to everyone who posted advice, etc. in the previous entry...I will be contacting KT next week to see what advice they have that does NOT involve me using any sort of dremel tool. Also to see about replacing the current trigger spring with the 8lb version...after three clips my right hand was shaking like a leaf.

I'll post target pics as they become, er...NOT craptacular.

Let the P-11 rest after a bit and worked on the husband's Glock 23 for a few clips. I love everything about this gun...the smoothness of the trigger pull, the slide action...hell, even loading the clip is easier, despite the huge, horking size of the .40 bullets.

My father disparages the Glock, despite not having fired one in decades, claims the bullets tumble as they "get out there". Eh, I've ranged it, Pops, it's a beautiful piece of engineering. Go play with your nickel-plated .44 and I'll come visit you in the hospital when they replace your shoulder joint.

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hat others said:

me said:

I miss firing a gun. I was practicing for awhile there, and since moving and everything, I haven't had as much time to invest in target practice.

July 25, 2004 12:38 PM

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Leah Guildenstern said:

Well, I guess on the positive side, the Kel-Tec lets you do malfunction clearing practice. I have heard that Kel-Tec's do have the problem, it has even been mentioned in the few magazine reviews I have read about them. (Apparently more ammo through them does fix it eventually.)

I also find that magazines for guns with bigger bullets are easier to load. My .45 magazines are way easier to load than any of the 9mm magazines that I have loaded.

Glad to hear someone is having fun at the range. Hopefully I can make it again soon.

July 25, 2004 04:10 PM

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Peter said:

If you don't get any satisfaction from the K-T people here's a couple of things to try. With the magazine in place take some extremely fine wet-or-dry sandpaper and wrap it around the eraser of a pencil. Polish the feed ramp. You are not trying to remove metal, just get it real smooth. follow uo with some Flitz paste metal polish , directly on the eraser. Now, go to a different gun shop, one that doesn't have clowns talking about limp wrists and buy a tube of Gunslick Grease. Lube the slide rails. Moly-slide is just as good. The first gunfull after lubing the rails should put grease spots on your shooting glasses. Last, buy a big batch of milsurp FMJ ammo and just put a couple-three hundred more rounds through. Once you get, if you get, to the point where you trust the Kel-Tec with your life and are ready for JHP ammo in it, try Remington. The Remington JHPs for autoloaders have a profile designed to make the shootin' iron think it's feeding full metal jackets. When my department switched to semis about ten years after everyone else did we had several choices approved for carry. In our testing of different ammo for issue we found that Remington was the only brand that was reliable in all of them. The other brands all gave trouble in at least one of the authorised guns. Had our armorer tearing his hair out. The Remington was his last try as he was somewhat biased toward Federal because it worked so well in our old wheelguns. If all else fails, pick out the kid you like least, sell him and buy a Glock, you seem to do well with them.

July 26, 2004 07:41 PM

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Benson said:

I'll second the vote for the Remington Golden Saber ammo.

A comment from the last KelTec posting was: "Reagrding the KelTec and poor ejection - Any new semi-automatic is going to be prone to this"

I've fired a lot of new semi's, from Colt to S&W to SIG to H&K to Glock. Only one (a Glock 36) had any reliability issues. So I think the correct phrase should have been "Occasionally a new semi-auto is going to be prone to this."

Good luck on getting your KelTec sorted out. The rest of the advice was sound - Don't carry it until several hundred rounds (250 or better) have been trouble-free.

July 27, 2004 03:36 PM

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