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One of bin-Laden's top lieutenants explains why their terrorist tactics are justified.

"If we want to make them understand our rights we have to speak to them in the language they understand,'' he said.

Which just explains that they lack a fundamental understanding of Western culture. If they really wanted to get our attention, they'd have paid us. That's right, America is all about the money, baby. If you had bought each and every one of us a new house, we might have thought really, really hard about your position. Put all of our children through college and we might have asked Israel to stop building settlements. If you had sent me, personally, a check for 500K, I would've been nice to you in my weblog.

But you didn't, you had to go and kill people, blow things up. And now you're hiding in a cave, like a particularly loathesome rat.

Bet you wish you'd listened to me, eh?

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