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Speaking of football, my husband is starting to worry me. We've been married for five years and for five years, I've been the football watcher. Granted I'm only watching college games (why? see the previous post, please) and usually just Alabama games, at that. So, considering I won't usually plan my day around watching a game, we've caught maybe ten football games in the past five years. Until now.

Now he has a new job and the bullpen tunes in to sports radio every day. So for the last four months, my husband has been getting daily exposure to the likes of Jim Rome and some local guy here in Tampa who has rather virulent opinions about nearly everything, as far as I can tell. Suddenly, weekend channel surfing in my house isn't so much 'surfing' as 'actively looking for football games.' And he's watching these games, no matter who is playing. He's making astute pre-referee penalty calls and accurately estimating yardage by eyeball. He can tell you about the Statue of Liberty play and the flea flicker. He knows there are two types of facemask penalties. I see him muttering to himself about 3rd downs and I think, "If he asks me to get him a beer, I am outta here."

I don't want you to get the wrong idea about my husband. Growing up in Alabama, as we both did, you're either rabid about football or people look at you funny, like what you've got might be contagious. But some of us, myself and my hubby included, discovered these wondrous things called "books" at a very early age and developed an addiction that led to an unfortunate tendency to think outside our cultural boundaries. (I'm not saying that all football devotees are one-trackers, just the Alabama ones that we grew up with.) So I became an artist and hubby went on to destroy things/people for the military before settling down with me to raise lovely children and write poetry. Hence the general lack of interest in football. Until now.

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