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I'm Driving

I think it's time for Dubya to get his nose out of the ass of the nearest Saudi prince and solve the problem of security at our airports.

And how should he do this, you ask?

Simple. Make the bloated, price-gouging airlines foot the bill every time a fighter has to be scrambled to escort a plane to an airport because the pilot was stupid enough to "accidentally" enter the hijack code into his transponder. I would add the screeners to the list of atrocities currently being perpetrated on the American public, but those bastards are now federal employees, complete with fat pensions and harder to fire than wet, green wood.

If the airlines are going to remain corporations, they must be held accountable. Stop funneling billions of dollars into an industry that has done nothing, I repeat nothing, to help itself over the past 20 years. The customer service is worse, the seating is worse, the food is worse. The whole flying experience makes you long for the comfort of a root canal.

More and more people (business and not) are refusing to fly, extending the radius they're willing to drive. One hopes this will send a message to the airlines, let them know they actually are running a business and their freaking customers would appreciate a little consideration. And we need to impress upon Congress that this country would not shut down without air travel, not even a little bit, so stop throwing money at the airlines. Use the money instead to improve the interstate system and develop alternative fuel technology.

And build me my damned flying car!

Posted 08/27/02 in Short Cuts
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