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I See You Managed To Get Your Shirt Off

Kids spending the night at Nana's and two hours in the pool with strawberry daquiris are another form of self-therapy. Once I highly recommend.

Watched The Transporter last night. It has all the hallmarks of a Luc Besson production, and I mean that in the best way: big firepower, non-gratuitous slow-mo, kick-ass action. We're huge Besson fans, from La Femme Nikita to The Professional to Fifth Element, nobody does it cooler.

The story is a bit dorked but Jason Statham (also from Snatch, Ghosts of Mars and The One) is going to be a HUGE FUCKING STAR. He's too Liverpool to be a good Bond, too down and dirty, but he's awfully fast for a white boy, I'd love to see him in more action flix...maybe with, say, Chow Yun Fat? *drool*

Mr. Statham (on the left) can also have his way with me at the time, place and PPV channel of his choosing.

*Bonus points to whoever can identify the title quote...

Posted 05/10/03 in The Sliver Screen
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