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I've said it before and I'll say it again...the sooner a great earthquake strikes northern California and sends Berkeley a) ass over teakettle into the ocean, or b) into the fiery molten core of the earth (your choice), the sooner that little yappy dog sound from the Left Coast will cease.

A tinfoil hat isn't good enough for this lot, I vote we build them a tin foil biodome...and lose the key.

Link via Instapundit

**UPDATE** - Solonor points out that the Daily Californian is backpedaling so hard they're likely to catch their pubes in the drive chain...

Who's the liar?

Note: I stand by my contempt for all things Berkeley, however, and sincerely hope the Mother Ship comes for them soon.

Posted 10/21/02 in Idiocy Abounds
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