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David, answering a commenter on whether "might makes right":

No, not might makes right. Might for right. The terrorists and those who support them have proven themselves unworthy of remaining alive. For the protection of the rest of us, those people need to be removed.

I mean, the US could kill pretty much the entire world, or any major portion of it that interests us. In theory, we could have paved the middle east two and a half years ago, and no one could have stopped us.

We didn't. Considering the rage we felt, we showed incredible restraint in not lashing out and nuking anyone we even suspected might have been involved. That would have been "might makes right."

Instead, we're trying to reform the middle east, to use our tremendous power to make better people out of those who oppose us. It just so happens that, thanks to their current mindset, we have to shoot a great many of them first, just to get their attention.

If they refuse to reform, then yes, they all need to die. The very day they stop being a threat to us and all those who previously carried out their threats are captured or dead, we'll stop killing them.

As it is now, they won't stop trying to kill us until we're all dead or Islamic, whether we threaten them or not. That's the difference, and why we're right.

I would like to suggest David run for office...except the entire process is proven to suck the life, intelligence and soul out of anyone who attempts it. Better to continue building toilets for space stations, you know, important work.

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hat others said:

Jeff said:

I woke this morning to news of a new terrorist handbook making the rounds.

Hmmm. Seems as though the terrorists still have the backbone to do their work.

Here's hoping we do too.

April 2, 2004 08:51 AM

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