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I realize NFL football is a business, and a very lucrative one at that. But the impersonal manner in which most of the automatons went about their duties left me cold a few years back. The only fire you saw was when someone was mad enough to do someone else a mischief, on field and in full view of the crowd/national audience. Otherwise, the proceedings were pretty business-like: come into the office, make your presentation, go home. No fiah, no ennegy, no nuttin'. It was all I could do to stay awake during a pro game. So I retreated to my beloved college ball and pretended they all graduated with degrees and went on to become doctors/lawyers/car dealership managers, etc.

Then we moved to central Florida, Chucky whipped the Bucs into shape, and they made their Super Bowl run. It was exciting again. Jurevicius and Sapp, Alstott and Brad Johnson (screw you, Keyshawn), these guys were exciting to watch (still are, asstastic season notwithstanding). So now I watch pro football again, and not just the Bucs, pretty much any game that's on. I know the game, I have teams I like and teams I dislike. It's a nice lazy way to spend a Sunday.

But then I read a story like this, where a Saints player scored a touchdown, then retrieved a concealed cell phone from the goal post padding and called his mother while standing in the end zone. At the very least, this guy is not a team player. He's in this and out there for one thing only, himself. *cough*Keyshawn*cough* He was appropriately flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct and should be fined until his nose bleeds.

But the absolute best part is yet to come... The Saints coach had this to say about the incident:

"He'll learn. He's only 32."

I am rendered nearly speechless by this statement. You know, I'm thinking that most people over the age of, oh, 12, have learned that such blatant attention-grabbing stunts pretty much only earn them contempt and derision. But then again, most people over the age of 12 do not get to play games for a living.

The lack of responsibility to which we hold our entertainers is ridiculous. Simply because someone makes us laugh/cry/cheer does not exempt them from standards, ANY standards. So Horn can run fast, woo hoo, pay him his millions and tell him to do his job. But, I suppose, in the NFL, showing your (figurative) ass on national television, thereby garnering face time for your team/coach/etc, is part of his job.

Irritating as hell, nonetheless.

Posted 12/15/03 in Boys With Toys
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Captain Rooba said:

This is the main reason why I've pretty much abandoned professional sports. It's not about the game anymore... It's about the spectacle caused by random, and in this case, incredibly asinine acts.

Don't even get me started on the NBA.

December 15, 2003 07:54 PM

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nastybastard said:

Just like those commercials on tv...

Reporter: "There's no *I* in team" Player: "Well there ain't no *we* either"

I suppose you feel the same way about Terrel Owens and his Sharpie incident? ;)

December 16, 2003 10:42 PM

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